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Removable Bollards

Installed Removable Bollard

Prime painted Removable Bollard installed

Offers Security and Flexibility to Restrict or Allow Vehicle Access

Good for walkways, parks, bike paths and special events

  • Removeable to allow vehicle access
  • Powder coated, galvanized or prime painted steel bollards available in many diameters & sizes
  • Receiver base includes ground sleeve and lock tab
  • Lift rods & lids are available

Solid Quality

  • 4' (top) and 3' (bottom) steel bollards are welded to 1/4" steel plate
  • 3/4" steel plate with a lock tab is welded to 3' steel ground sleeve with drain hole
  • 3/4" dia. lift rod is welded inside top steel bollard
Removable Bollard Lock Tab

Removable Bollard has a lock tab

Removable Bollards ground sleeve and bollard

Ground sleeve & Removable Bollard

Galvanized removable bollard with handles Embed ground sleeve with closed bottom in ground

Left: Galvanized Removable Bollard with handles

Right: Embed ground sleeve with closed bottom in ground