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Gorilla Post

Car running into Gorilla Post

7" x 48" Gorilla Post with Post Guard cover

Gorilla Post logo

This temporary magnetic post acts like a permanent solution

Tired of bolting and unbolting temporary posts?
The Gorilla Post™ tames your temporary signage and traffic needs. 

  • Lightweight
  • Secures quickly in place
  • Virtually impossible to remove without special tools

What makes the Gorilla Post so powerful?

Gorilla Post is an impressive temporary signpost because of its unique magnetic mounting system.

Gorilla Post outdoor shot

7" x 48" Gorilla Post with Post Guard cover

Gorilla Post is used for:

  • Store check-out & return item queues
  • Curbside baggage check queues
  • Reserving parking spaces for dry cleaning customers
  • Curbside valet parking stations
  • Denoting parking spaces for VIP guests
  • Temporary overflow extensions to permanent pedestrian queues at theme parks and concert arenas
  • Adding visibility for drivers when approaching hazards or expensive gate arms inside parking facilities
  • Providing drivers at parking facilities increased awareness of two-way traffic ahead and pedestrian crossings
  • Where temporary signs need to be placed on sidewalks outside of businesses 
Gorilla Post

4" x 48" white Gorilla Post

Gorilla Post

4" x 48" yellow Gorilla Post shown with Long Puller

The 2 1/3" Gorilla Post with the optional Sign Topper has developed multiple uses for:

  • Sidewalks
  • Parking lots
  • Parking garages
  • Parking ramps
  • Factory floors 
  • Loading docks
  • Concourses
  • Pedestrian queues
  • Pedestrian pathways
  • Drive-through lanes 

How easy is it to install Gorilla Post?

It's pretty simple.  Here's what you need:

  • Gorilla Post
  • 5.5" zinc plate
  • Tube of Epoxy

Each Gorilla Post comes with a set of installation instructions.

Two specially designed post puller removal tools are available: a foot-operated (Jr Puller) tool or a hand-operated (Long) puller. When Gorilla Post is removed, only the zinc plate remains on the surface. 

Gorilla Post combines easy installation and security.

Gorilla Post mounting plate


  • 2 1/3" x 48"
  • 4" x 48" - available in yellow with white reflective stripes and white with yellow reflective stripes
  • 7" x 48" - with a wide selection of Post Guard colors
  • Small footprint makes for easy storage and redeployment by one person
  • Patented magnetic mounting system is tough enough to take a 15 MPH impact, and post springs back to original upright position, without the base shifting
  • Virtually tamperproof base withstands 380 PSI vertical lift yet can be removed in under 5 seconds with exclusive removal tool
  • Soft rubber 6" diameter base is pedestrian-friendly, shopping-cart-friendly and 'pull behind' luggage-friendly
  • Excellent for where snow removal around posts and markers is a concern
  • Excellent where thorough cleaning of floors is needed
  • Reduce risk of injury and property damage with the Gorilla Post
  • Mounting plate is ADA trip hazard compliant

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Architect Specs (PDF download)

Gorilla Post Specs (PDF download)

GPF pull in use

2 1/3 x 48" Gorilla Post & Sign topper shown with Long Puller