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Gas Meter Covers

 Postguard Gas Meter Covers

Good looking GasCov® helps Protect Gas Meters

GasCov can help protect gas meter set components from harsh winter conditions, regulator ice build-up, scorching sun, downpours, corrosion and tampering.

The cover accommodates most 200 & 400 class (residential and commercial) gas meters -- with or without Automatic Meter Reading devices. The molded base, mounting supports and hardware are non-corrosive and UV protected.

GasCov is designed to:

  • Reduce corrosion to the meter set which helps reduce maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Not touch the gas meter set components.
  • Not impede on-site meter readings. Its Lexan glass window allows a clear view of the gages without moving anything.
  • Vent fully with the cover’s open bottom.

Fast and Easy Installation

The two piece GasCov can be installed in a short time frame. The arched-support bracket with pre-marked mounting holes attaches to the wall (shown above) with four washers and screws. The GasCov cover fits securely over the support bracket. In addition, the base is offset, which allows installation on most exterior wall finishes -- right out of the box! The whole cover measures: 30" wide x 27.9" high x 15.5" deep.

Uncovered Meter

Hides Unsightly Equipment

Meter without GasCovMeter with GasCov

Most meter set components are not attractive and distract from the building or home. GasCov hides unattractive installations and blends nicely with the surroundings to preserve the building and landscape arrangements.

Save on Maintenance Costs

Shielding gas meter set components can extend the equipment life cycle. Less repairs, less replacement parts, less paint touch-ups, and less labor results in lower maintenance budgets and increased savings.

Build Brand Awareness

Builders and companies can have a logo placed on the cover. Four color, all weather stickers, will help to increase a company's image by making a positive statement. The logo helps symbolize a company’s thoughtfulness about safety and attractive appearance.

Increase Gas Meter Set Protection

Installing steel bollards and bolt down bollards can help reduce the risk of gas meter set damage and ruptures from vehicle impacts.

High Quality Steel Bollards

Guard Pipe logo Steel bollards to protect your meters

Guard Pipe steel bollards are produced with top quality standards.


  • Any diameter steel pipe available
  • Cut to custom lengths
  • All Guard Pipe is delivered prime painted
  • ASTM 500 B Structural Grade
  • Competitively priced
Diameter Schedule Wall Thickness O.D.
2" 40 0.154 2.365"
4" 40 0.237 4.5"

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To increase bollard visibility and safety, be sure to see our Post Guard bollard covers. They also help reduce maintenance costs. Click Here

Bolt Down Bollards

bolt down bollards to protect meters


  • No core drilling or excavation needed
  • In stock
  • Crafted from Schedule 40 steel
  • 4" O.D. powder coated Safety Yellow on an 8" x 8" base plate 1/2" thick with four 3/4" corner holes
  • 6" O.D. powder coated Safety Yellow on a 10" x 10" base plate 1/2" thick with four 3/4" corner holes
  • Weld-on cap
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Impact Tested

GasCov Ltd. and Encore Commercial Products, Inc. recommend its products be installed by a professional installer.

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